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Reflex Sliema rebrands to Sliema Fight Co.

Your favourite gym at Fitness Point, Sliema is now rebranding to Sliema Fight Co.; with Reflex moving down the road to a newer, sexier facility within the Fortina Hotel complex. All existing Reflex gym-goers will have their memberships automatically moved over and members will be able to manage their memberships and classes through the new Sliema Fight Co. app (currently in development).

As part of the re-brand, you can expect to see the following key changes:


  •            Our lowest prices ever for gym memberships!
  •             New membership options integrating gym services with the best classes in town.
  •             A new class timetable focussed on combat sports during peak times.
  •             More combat sports equipment & opportunities to compete in combat sports.
  •            More community based activities
  •         Studio spaces in higher demand by our combat instructors and fighters – especially during peak times.


Those of you that have been in the gym will have noticed this is a gradual change as Reflex slowly move their services toward their new facility at Fortina.

Going to miss the Reflex team? Worry not, you’ll continue to see the same friendly faces at reception who will be there to guide you. Sliema Fight Co. will continue to be powered by Reflex and we are incredibly excited about this collaboration.

For a short period of time, you can also continue to enjoy some of your favourite classes from instructors Kami, Ashley, Milos and Cathia before they move their classes permanently to Fortina (opening date to be scheduled).



I’ve received a random e-mail from Sliema Fight Co. – why is that?

If you’re an existing customer of Reflex, your memberships and class bookings were managed by the Reflex Fitness application.

As part of the re-brand, we will be using a new application Sliema Fight Co. which is currently under development. We are currently in the process of moving your data across (in an encrypted format) and applying the correct memberships for each user.

A small number of users may have received confirmation e-mails for this by mistake – you may safely ignore the content of these e-mails. Your contract was purchased via Reflex Fitness Limited will remain with Reflex Fitness Limited, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly explain more.

What do I have to do?

For now, you can continue to enjoy and book your services as you normally would.

Whether you’re an existing member of Reflex Fitness Point using the Reflex application or a member of Sliema Fight Co. using GoTeamUp – you won’t have to do anything for now. As the app is currently in development, you can sit back and relax until we give you the go-ahead.

When we do provide the go-ahead – you’ll be asked to download the new application.

When is the new Sliema Fight Co. app going live?

The new application is set to go live between 17th and 22nd April 2023. We’ll release an announcement once this date is confirmed.

If you have any queries or concerns – please feel free to reach out to us via e-mail on 

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