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We currently offer for ages 7 to 17:

– Muay Thai (Ages 13 to 17)
– Kickboxing (Ages 13 to 17)
– Boxing (Ages 7 to 12/ Ages 13 to 17)

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Good news about sliema fight co.

Very well served by the boxing classes offered by Sliema Fight Co for our young kids at LevelUp Football Academy. Sessions are very well prepared and delivered, a great experience for all the kids. Special mention to Coach Zorka for her dedication and patience. Highly recommended.

sliema wanderers fc level up academy Youth Sector Co-ordinator, Level Up Academy

I had my first boxing class at Sliema Fight Co and really loved it! Everyone was so kind, nice, friendly and super patient with me.. thanks to amazing the teachers and colleagues..

Ane Ortiz Member

Great club. very sweet and helpful people. they have good equipment and amazing training.

Malou Olsen Member

Awesome coach, great group dynamic, everyone is here to work and sweat it all! Def recommend it to anyone no matter your level!

Adnen R Member

Top stuff. As a person who finds it very hard to be committed to something and stick it this really captured my attention. The coaches are amazing and every single session pushes you while being entertaining and engaging enough to keep you going.

Matt cassar Member

Meet Our Coaches


Alex denisov

boxing coach

profile picture sfc

calvin dean

kickboxing coach

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-15 at 15.58.58_e169b636

leeon montenaro

muay thai instructor

recommended combat kit

  • Available in 3.5m & 4.5m
  • Available in assorted colours
  • Available for purchase at our reception at our Tigne Point facility (subject to availabilitiy
squad t-shirt
  • Represent your squad with our 100% cotton junior squad t-shirts
  • Available in Black & White or White & Gold
  • Available for purchase at our reception at our Tigne Point facility (subject to availabilitiy


Frequently asked questions

The fastest and easiest way to do this is to download the Sliema Fight Co. app and create a family account. As part of this process you will be asked to complete a liability waiver.

You can then select the session of your choice and book the first FREE class, pay for memberships and continue to manage memberships on behalf of your child/(ren).

If you have any difficulties with this, please pop into our reception and complete one of our registration forms and we can set this up for you manually.

We ensure there are at least two classes per week for each sport per age group. Please see our schedule to find out more.

As with any combat sport, and indeed any sport that may entail some potential element of physical injury simply by participating, there must be both absolute clarity and understanding regarding any potential risk. As a parent or guardian, Sliema Fight Co. kindly requests that an indemnity form be completed for each child enrolled, and/or attending, any lessons, activities or events offered by SFC. 

Now, whilst this is requirement, we would like to make it clear that we at Sliema Fight Co. will go above and beyond to ensure we are providing the highest level of care, safety, and instruction to every child, in order to mitigate any possibility of injury.

This includes ensuring that the correct safety equipment is used to protect our young fighters.

We group ages of younger class attendees into the following two categories based on age:

  • Kids (7 – 12) - It’s important to note that we do not allow sparring, nor full contact within the Kids category.
  • Youths: (13 – 17) - Whilst sparring activities of varying intensities within the Youth category are permitted, it is by no means mandatory, and is completely dependent on each individuals willingness, competency, behaviour, and of course our coach endorsement. All sparring activities are conducted in accordance with Malta Boxing Federation (MBF) & World United Martial Arts (WUMA) regulations.

Payment is available via our app where most major debit/credit cards are accepted.

You may also purchase sessions at Sliema Fight Co. HQ, Tigne Point with cash or card.

Those that are selected by our coaches as willing and able to do so, may compete – and is something we are of course willing to support in every way we can.

However this is parental/guardian authority dependent. All competitions will be sanctioned under the MBF/WUMA who also decide health & safety regulations on this matter.


We have no issues with this as long as it does not negatively impact your child's ability to train. 

In certain situations where necessary, coaches may ask parents to refrain from this - we ask that you respect our coaches wishes.

Parents are always welcome to use the gym and studio facilities next door during training times.

We all know that activities cost money, and kids very often change their minds. So to make starting out a little more convenient, we will of course provide the use of gloves which are to be returned after each session.

The Sliema Fight Co. offers several pieces of kit for purchase, should anything be required, do note that some items are only required for those sparring & preparing for competition. 

Recommended basic kit is:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand-wraps
  • Shin-guards (Kickboxing only)

  • Karate Gi (Karate Only)