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cancellation policy

Both yours and our coaches times are valuable, so we have the following policies in place:

– Classes can be cancelled without any penalties up to 12 hours prior to the agreed start time.

– Classes cancelled within a 12 hour window will lose one single session credit.


your instructors


spas dichevski

His name is Spas and he joined the world of combat sports at the age of 6. Growing up in a small town in Bulgaria, Spas learnt from peak athletes in various martial arts disciplines.
Eventually he had the chance to join the elite himself and today he looks to share the experience gathered with anyone in need of it – an upcoming talent, a white-collar boxer or someone who just wants to learn self-defence.
Languages Spoken: English, Bulgarian, German & Russian

alex denisov

Alex connected his life with boxing 15 years ago, having competed internationally.
For 5 years he has been passing his skills on to his students.
Alex has a knack for teaching different styles of boxing and developing unique workouts, tailored for each of his clients.
Languages Spoken: English & Russian

mike schaerer

Michael Schaerer, is a personal trainer from South Africa and an elite mitt holder, with over 10 years experience in the fight game and a huge passion for boxing and mixed martial arts. Mike is currently licenced to coach Professional Boxers by the Malta Boxing Association. He’s a young man, full of energy, that strives to give his people the best results while having the best time. From weight loss programs to in depth striking and technique sessions Mike’s got you covered!
Languages Spoken: English

jay rajakariyar

Meet your coach Jay Rajakariyar with over ten years of experience in the sport of Boxing.

Jay is currently recognised under the MBF and MBA as a coach for both Amateur and Professional Boxers. If you’re new to the sport, Jay will turn your initial curiosity about boxing into a downright passion, focussing on perfecting your technique and increasing your stamina.

For advanced boxers looking to compete – Jay is in your corner to keep you sharp and teach you new tips and tricks and to arrange sparring partners for you.

Languages Spoken: English, Tamil


simon perez

Simon possesses more than 10 years training on the MMA/BJJ Venezuela Jiu Jitsu Team – One of the most experienced teams in national and international tournaments/fights. Has the following accolades: • BJJ Blue Belt 3rd stripe, under Jorge “Malecón” Ochoa (BJJ Black Belt 2 stripes, pro MMA 7-1). • Judo blue belt, under “Venezuelan Judo Federation”. Simon is ready to technically and tactically improve your game of takedowns and submissions adapted to MMA, combined with tactical ground and pound positioning for ground and cage fighting. Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.


calvin caruana

Starting his Martial Arts journey in 2006, by joining a couple of boxing classes, Calvin soon realised that his passion lied in more varied disciplines involving kicks. Having practiced for over 18 years, Calvin holds a Black Sash in Kung Fu/Sanda, as well as a WUMA kickboxing blackbelt (2nd dan). He has also practised other striking disciplines such as Karate and Muay Thai, and has attended various training camps and seminars in Thailand, Italy, Bulgaria and the UK. Calvin is also a qualified WUMA Instructor and Coach.

Languages Spoken: Maltese, English, Italian

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