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Punch for Puttinu Cares raises over €240

Get ready to rumble with excitement as Sliema Fight Co. proudly announces the knockout success of Punch for Puttinu Cares! Held on Tuesday, February 13th, at the vibrant venue of The Point Mall in Sliema, this event wasn’t just about throwing punches; it was about throwing support behind a worthy cause. With an electrifying atmosphere and punches packed with purpose, we’re thrilled to reveal that a smashing total of €242.08 was raised through the club’s Instagram page and generous cash donations.

Punch for Puttinu Cares wasn’t your ordinary charity event—it was a dynamic community-driven initiative brimming with 20-minute mini-lessons in boxing, kickboxing, and karate. From pint-sized karate enthusiasts to seasoned boxing champs, participants of all ages and skill levels came together to show their support. And guess what? Local boxing legend Steve Martin made a surprise appearance, lending his support with a donation that packed a punch!

But the excitement didn’t stop there! Attendees were treated to heart-racing pad work demonstrations by none other than the fierce fighters of Sliema Fight Co., adding an extra dose of adrenaline to an already action-packed event.


Let’s give a round of applause to The Point Mall in Sliema for being the ultimate champs in supporting our cause. Their unwavering generosity and provision of the perfect venue were crucial to the event’s smashing success.

But hold onto your gloves, folks! While the event may be over, the fight is far from finished. You still have a chance to join and make a difference. Donations can be made directly to Puttinu Cares through their online platform at

About Sliema Fight Co.: Sliema Fight Co. isn’t just your average fitness community; we’re Malta’s premier combat fitness hub, offering top-notch training in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and karate for kids and adults alike. Step into our ring and unleash your inner warrior! For more information, visit

About Puttinu Cares: Puttinu Cares isn’t just about providing support; it’s about providing hope. As a non-profit organization dedicated to offering support and accommodation to families of children battling cancer and serious illnesses, every donation counts. Join us in spreading smiles and support! For more information or to make a donation, visit Puttinu Cares.

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