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Little Ninjas Academy Registration


Please complete this form if you are a parent/guardian of a child that currently does NOT hold an unlimited membership to Sliema Fight Co.’s Youth Classes.

If you do hold an unlimited membership, you are entitled to discounted rates available through the Sliema Fight Co. app.


The safety of your children is extremely important to us. Sliema Fight Co. will in all ways exercise its best efforts for the care and safety of your children. In case of illness or accident, Sliema Fight Co. will immediately inform the parents/guardians and take necessary measures. Sliema Fight Co. cannot be held liable in any event of illness or accident. Please read the following carefully:

(We), the parents/guardians do hereby consent to our child(ren)’s participation in the Little Ninjas Summer Academy.

(We) understand that the Little Ninjas Summer Academy will involve combat sports elements. Throughout the programme, children will be working physically, emotionally, and socially to develop strength and fitness of both mind and body. The activities are generally non-competitive and non-aggressive, however there is always a risk of injury. We reiterate that your child(ren)’s safety is a top concern within our programme.

(We) understand such risks and will not hold coaches, instructors or any other member of staff of Sliema Fight Co. responsible for personal injuries that may occur during the programme.

(We) also understand that the school is not responsible for any belongings that the children may bring with them.

(We) understand that our child(ren) must attend school in the correct sportswear, failure to do so may result in the child not participating in the activities. (for their own safety)

(We) understand that the school hours are from 9am till 12pm unless otherwise agreed and after the stipulated pick up time, the school is not responsible for the child(ren).

(We) understand that Sliema Fight Co. reserves the right to stop operating the programme without notice and without providing a full/part refund should Sliema Fight Co. be unable to operate the Little Ninjas due to force majeure and/or due to any government restrictions imposed on Sliema Fight Co. which may impact their ability to operate.

(We) understand that no refund or replacement days will be made should my child not attend Sliema Fight Co. for any reason including due to illness or quarantine.

(We) understand that I/we must inform Sliema Fight Co. if anyone other than the stipulated person will be collecting my child(ren) from school at 12pm.

(We) declare any medical/physical condition or medication of my child(ren) which staff should be aware of.

(We) understand there is a behaviour code and failure to adhere to warnings may result in expulsion of my child(ren).

(We) understand that our child(ren) need to bring in any snacks and water with them from home if they wish to consume them during the day.

(We) consent to the school using photographs/videography of my child(ren) engaged in school activities in its promotional materials.

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